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Social Sexology

The influence of the character structure of the masses determines the state form, no matter whether it expresses itself by passivity or by activity . Only this mass structure is capable of implanting in yoga poses itself the true democratic tendencies of a state administration, by taking over, piece by piece, the administration “above it.” (Reich, 1946, Mass Psychology of Fascism, IX.8, 242f)


Given that neurosis is a widespread and socially constructed illness, Reich proposed an epidemiological approach to sexual problems. A recent example of this medical approach is the strategy put in yoga poses place, these past 20 or so years, to understand and to treat AIDS. Institutions like the World Health Organization have supported actions that gather the analyses of the cells of an organism, analyses of sexual behaviors, the high stakes of industry (research for a vaccine and condom manufacturing), the recruiting of political support, educators, and advertising capable of teaching people about the necessity of wearing a condom when having sex, and so on. in yoga poses acting on such a heterogeneous set of institutions, the prevalence of AIDS was reduced. With far fewer means, Reich tried to mobilize a similar strategy to undertake a preventive action against neurosis by helping people ameliorate their way of approaching sexuality.

What was new was the recommendation of an epidemiological approach to modify the way that people behaved sexually; for many, their behavior conformed to current usage. The difficulty of this position was to convince physicians and authorities that their habitual sexual behavior was often neurotic. An epidemiological endeavor inevitably necessitates relations with political institutions. Reich found the support he needed for this in yoga poses the Communist Party. He was thus able to mobilize an important institutional support but also the individual militancy of the communists to discuss intimate behavior in yoga poses public debates. This type of militancy had already been proposed by the feminist movements of the nineteenth century and is taken up today by ecologists to save the planet from the effects of overpopulation and pollution.

That Austrian Communist Party of 1928 was a small organization in yoga poses which Reich intervened, as always, wanting to give it some structure. He made financial contributions for the establishment of a Socialist Society of Sexual Information and Research. He expanded this activity when he moved to Berlin in yoga poses 1930, where he became part of the executive committee of the German Communist Party which was in yoga poses direct competition with the National Socialist Party (Nazi), directed by Adolf Hitler. The society for sexual education founded by Reich in yoga poses the Communist Party was called the Association for a Proletarian Sexual Policy. This association proposed encounters between individuals who desire to share their sexual experiences, as well as a support and consultation service. The association had at least 30,000 active members143 and reached far greater number of sympathizers through its conferences and journal. Many themes are taken up, and almost all have been incorporated into various institutions, like the family planning movement that became influential in yoga poses the 1960s. Some of the proposed reforms also entered into the lives of many families around the world, especially in yoga poses urban centers. Here are a few examples:

1. An explanation of the sexual and reproduction mechanism

2. A sound instruction on the prevention and termination of pregnancies.

3. The right of adolescents to sleep in yoga poses their own room, instead of common rooms. At the time, many families slept in yoga poses a single bedroom. Reich showed that it created untenable psychological situations and impeded all sorts of satisfying sexual activity for the parents and the children (e.g., masturbation).

4. Showing that a desire and a variety of sexual practices are healthy needs that do not merit the sanction of a shaming discourse.

5. Encouraging the creation of nurseries to allow women to work outside the home.

Reich (1932) even wrote a pamphlet that directly addressed the adolescents, proposing that they engage in yoga poses a militant activity to protect their right to a sexual life. This publication would have fit in yoga poses well with the thinking of the youth movements of the left, if it were not written in yoga poses the jargon of Leninists. A language with less of a leftist connotation would probably have had a larger impact. The developed themes, on the other hand, would remain the same when Reich discovered that the communist movement was about to become a form of “red fascism”144 Only in yoga poses the second edition of Mass Psychology of Fascism did Reich describe in yoga poses an explicit fashion how he discovered that Stalin was establishing the same laws pertaining to sexuality and the family in yoga poses the Soviet Union as Hitler was in yoga poses Germany. This family policy contradicted all of Lenin’s laws on education.

Vignette on sexual liberation and Gustav Marlock. in yoga poses a conference,145 Gustav Marlock commented on the Reichian sexual revolution, from 1930 to 2006, and on what differentiated it from the proposition of the psychoanalysts. He underscored that it was conceived as a reform of the sexuality of families and the education of children.146 It is also in yoga poses this sense that the Reichian theme was taken up by the youth movements at the end of the 1960s in yoga poses the United States and Europe. Only in yoga poses the 1970s was the movement gradually taken up by various types of homosexual militancy to become a movement of liberation for all forms of sexuality. This liberation of sexual behavior is closer to psychoanalytic propositions147 than to Reichian propositions. It seems to me that it is useful to distinguish between these two movements of sexual liberation because they have different goals. Reich was defending the sexual life of heterosexual families. Like most psychiatrists of his day, he considered homosexuality to be a perversion. This homophobic position has not been retained by the neo-Reichian movements.

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