Yoga Asana The Purpose of Hands-On Adjustments

Welcome to their own yoga hands-on assists can be very transformational and powerful for a student in the yoga room the power of touch is something that most of us human have known from the day we were born we needed it right from our first day throughout our life it’s something that is always useful and loving and supporting for many of us the power of touch when general is lost. And we only know it with maybe one intimate person some people still maintain. And some cultures definitely maintain a lot more connection touch warmth and love the power of touch with in the yoga concept is very important for many reasons hands on assist are first and foremost there for safety reasons, if a student is doing something that maybe can be risky injurious for their need for their shoulders using verbal cues is helpful.

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But not always enough for them to understand what they need to do sometimes the slightest touch on their knee barely just guiding them in the right direction helps them understand where and how to move the knee. So that they won’t put more pressure and cause any harm another great reason to use hands and assist is simply to show that you care simply to be there and maybe bring the students back into the present moment of course mostly hands-on assists are known in the concept of taking the student deeper this is what it was mostly used back in the day in India and still today it can be very powerful there are many poses that we could never go and reach to a certain level without the help of a teacher in those cases it doesn’t have to be a very strong adjustment.

But it could be a powerful adjustment again simply by guiding in the right direction the power of touch as well as hands-on adjustments are amazing and important tools to use we just need to remember to use them wisely make sure you learn how to do them from somebody who understands understands the body proper way of touching proper way of doing it in a respectful way and really with lots of awareness. So you can see all of where the student is from noticing their breath their gaze their face and how they react, if you’re using hands on adjustments in your class or with your students let them know announce it so they have the option to decline, if that’s what’s right for them that day make sure your actions are not coming from fear. But rather from a place of love. And the will to share thank you.

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