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Inspired by a paper by R. Warne (2000), here are some abstract generalisations of what a power discourse is doing: the power discourse will tell what Being is (ontologising), what are essential and eternal (essentialising), what is natural (naturalising), what has authority (authorising), what gives value to things (valorising), what sets up standards to judge deviation (normalising) and what are problems requiring solutions (problematising).

If the reader recalls the example above of the assumed nature/essence of women, you will realise how permeated it is by those characteristics listed by Warne.

There are no formal studies of SKY for OCD. Our Yoga asana postures for weight loss clinical experience and that of our colleagues suggests that yoga breathing is a promising adjunctive treatment for Yoga asana postures for weight loss OCD. In a 12-month study, 22 patients with OCD were randomized into two groups. The first group n = 12 received Kundalini Yoga eight practices including slow, 1 bpm, left-nostril breathing with breath holds, mantra meditation, and yoga postures. The comparison control group n = 10 was given relaxation and mindfulness meditation. The Kundalini Yoga group showed significant mean reduction -38.4% on the Yale-Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale Y-BOCS versus the control group -13.9%.

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