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It cannot be ruled out that a meditative experiment creates hallucinations; the experiment triggers the brain and consciousness into delusions. So subjective phenomenological reports – no matter how carefully conducted – do not provide any foundation for observations of reality or the nature of consciousness – be it mystical, divine or physical.

From my many field discussions with yoga adherents and from reading the theoretical literature it became evident that the yoga discourse tends to dismiss such a critical dialogue. Critique and dialogue with other discourses were often not welcomed. Yoga experience is beyond all such debate, practitioners sometimes claimed. The existence of yoga experience can only be verified by committing oneself to yoga thus: the ultimate experience of yoga is beyond rational, empirical and critical evaluation. 392

Line your head up with your spine. Don’t be tentative Yoga arm balances : be firm and expansive with your whole body. Note: This is an extremely versitile Yoga arm balances pose, as s 267-68 indicate. Preparation for Stages I and II Lie on a yoga mat on the floor, with your convex side down. Rest on your forearm, with your body lined up parallel to the wall and your knees bent. Pull your shoulders back. Let the side of your ribs sag down toward the floor. Stage I Inhaling, firm your muscles especially arms and abdomen.

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