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Orthodoxy, political ideology and yoga symbols.

By orthodoxy' (Wikipedia link) I mean the claim of conforming to ancient truth'. Implied in this is that (1) truth and value is buried in a remote past and (2) the power of particular groups is legitimised by their representation of that past. Orthodoxy is about ownership of tradition and is a classical example of conservative political ideology. Often groups fight about who most truthfully represents the past.

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In pre-modern societies ownership of tradition gives authority. Within the religious field it is a strategy of achieving monopoly over that field.

What we today could call Hinduist orthodoxy is a good example of this. The first version of this orthodoxy was first found among the Brahmins who claimed to know and represent the ancient and eternal Vedic truths. We saw how yoga slowly and initially reluctantly became entangled in this Brahmin ideology. Yoga was an alternative way to know the ultimate truth hence its doubtfulness to Brahmins. With the Advaita Vedanta breakthrough around 900 AD, yoga became fully included in Brahmin orthodoxy. Suddenly, yoga had always been a part of the Vedic Tradition'.

Stand with your concave side toward the wall, your arm Yoga apparel by your side and the back of your hand against the wall. Place your feet hip Yoga apparel -width apart, with your leg muscles engaged, in your best Tadasana alignment. Press your hand into the wall. At first, let the rest of your body move in response. Continue pressing without letting the rest of your body move in response. You should be using the muscles on the side away from the wall to stay steady and still. Do this until the muscles on the side away from the wall feel tired. This may take anywhere from thirty seconds to five minutes or longer.

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