Yoga and Pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re going to be a mom If you already practice yoga, you may wonder if you should give up your yoga class until after your baby is born. Perhaps you’ve never done yoga, and pregnancy appears to be the perfect opportunity to begin a class.

According to Elizabeth Bassemir, a prenatal yoga instructor in San Francisco, California, ”many women take their first yoga class when they are pregnant. About 75 percent of my students are first-time moms. They want to be around other women experiencing pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of joy. It’s a journey of miraculous mental and physical changes. Fatigue and nausea may dominate the first few months of pregnancy. Your body begins to change, and so does your attitude about health. While the main goal of prenatal yoga is to prepare for the actual childbirth, practicing yoga during pregnancy can help relieve any discomfort that is associated with pregnancy. Prenatal yoga helps release physical tension in the joints, muscles, and back. By stretching the muscles used in birth, it inherently makes birth ,easier. In conjunction with the poses, there is plenty of concentration on the breathing practices in preparation for labor.

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