Yoga and Its Branches

Yoga, the once serendipitous fad of the 1960s, is at the turn of the century the most widely practiced exercise system in the world. According to Yoga Journal, approximately 6 million people practice yoga. Maybe you are one of them, or maybe you have thought about yoga but never found the time to include it in your hectic schedule. On the other hand, perhaps your image of yoga conjures up levitating swamis, venerable vegetarians, and weightless bodies twisting toward infinity. While a few of these descriptions are valid yes, some yogis do levitate and some physicians urge vegetarian choices the practice of yoga is as personal as your choice in food or your taste in art.

Yoga is a potent tool for stress reduction, fitness, and mental health. There is a surfeit of yoga schools, teachers, philosophies, and practices, all of which are discussed in this blog. Just as we all choose different life routes, and pace ourselves accordingly to reach a personal goal, so this blog shows that yoga is a compendium of small routes allowing the individual to travel at his or her own pace. Because yoga has sprouted numerous branches and a diverse assortment of techniques throughout the centuries, the most prudent place to begin your yoga practice is at the beginning, some five thousand years ago.


While the word yoga has a succinct definition, yoga’s meaning and practice can be applied in many ways.

Yes, yoga is shrouded in myths we dispel them in this chapter.

Yoga’s popularity has grown due to its numerous health benefits. Yoga is a complete tool to keep the body fit and flexible and the mind focused and quiet. It integrates body, mind, and spirit and can be practiced anywhere, by anyone.

The benefits of yoga are vast and include stress reduction, enhanced mental acuity, increased flexibility, a calm mind, and relief of chronic pain.

Yoga has its own language Sanskrit.

There are six different branches of yoga embracing a multiplicity of styles and techniques and appealing to different personalities.

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