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This in my view reveals the fact that mysticism – like the discourse of the sacred' – is typically a power discourse. The function is a priori to remove doubt and questioning. In our case it excludes others to evaluate the use-value of yoga. We are not allowed to dig through the layers of symbols and signs in order to scrutinise the use-value.

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This attitude among (yoga) mystics ends up splitting researchers up into two toothless groups: either the researcher is a yoga mystic herself and understand the issues with total clarity or the (critical) researcher is not a yoga mystic herself and must remain silent as her remarks are always to be wide of the mark (Katz 1978a).

In other word the critical dialogue has been cut off! Personally I do not believe that this ideology – in Bourdieu's term: symbolic violence' – benefits the yoga community, but I know that their reply is that I should rather stop my mind chatter and commit to yoga practice. It is just the ego babbling! ? However I believe that before committing oneself to a life long dedication to a subject it is pragmatic to do some initial critical babbling – otherwise you might regret it.

It has been shown how essentialism, mysticism and the discourse of the sacred' merged into each other within the yoga discourse. This had the effect of increasing the aspect of power discourse so central to yoga, turning yoga culture into a mean of symbolic violence ‘. Further, it has also tended to leave the yoga discourse isolated from necessary and constructive dialogue with other and critical discourses. Let us now bring the aspect of orthodoxy into this concluding discussion.

It takes practice to avoid leaning into or away from the Yoga agora wall. At first push gently. After a few weeks, using greater pressure against the Yoga agora wall will reduce the amount of time it takes to get tired. You are building muscle strength here. Purpose: To strengthen the paraspinal and other muscles of the convex side. Contraindications: Profound weakness, Hill-Sachs deformity, balance disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome at wrist on convex side. Props: A wall, a yoga mat, a block, and a chair. Avoiding pitfalls: Pull your upper arm and shoulder back before putting weight on it.

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