Yoga to Address Anxiety

The stretching in yoga increases joint mobility. The combination of the postures and meditation helps to tone and soothe the sympathetic nervous system and relieve anxiety.

Yoga to Address Hot Flashes

Scientists are not sure what causes hot flashes. Some speculate that the body’s temperature goes awry when the hormones fluctuate. Nevertheless, in certain societies, such as Japan, hot flashes are relatively rare. There is no word for ”hot flash” in the Japanese language. In America, nearly 80 percent of women report experiencing hot flashes. Inverted poses, which cause the flow of blood to reverse direction, appear to have a measurable effect on the glands of the endocrine system that regulates hormone levels.


Robin Montgomery discovered yoga in the 1970s while going through a divorce. “I took a class in someone’s home. We were six women, a small, intimate group, and I loved it. It helped me get through the emotional turmoil. Later I began taking classes at the Self-Realization Center in Encinitas, California. Although I do not practice yoga regularly, the principles are still very much a part of my lifestyle tranquillity, an ability to not let stressful situations derail my life, and a sense of peace.”

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