Wide-Leg Stretch with Prasarita Padottan Asana

Namaskar and David at and welcome to Anand over Yoga for fees this set of practices will help you to do and smoothen the skin of your face with regular practices of these arsons and for naps and kriyas will help you to brighten your face and make it look younger it also help you to erase fine lines and wrinkles precisely the padottan Asana to go in this asset spread the legs wide about three and a half to four feet distance keep the hands on your hips take a deep breath in exhaling take the chin up and start bending forward and down place the palms between the feet and slowly start taking the head crown of the head closer to the ground close your eyes. And just enjoy this wonderful awesome this awesome will improve the blood supply towards your face gives you more oxygen towards the face.

Wide-Leg Stretch with Prasarita Padottan Asana Photo Gallery

And thereby improve the skin in your face makes you look younger and healthier apart from that it is also stretching the calf hamstring back enjoy this awesome a wonderful nasan for your whole body. And then when you feel like coming out you open your eyes slowly straighten the hands such that your back becomes parallel to the ground keep the palms on the hips. And then slowly start coming out straighten the back bring the legs closer to each other and relax. And just enjoy the effect on your upper body the phase debris feel the difference and be there rest for some time. And then you can one more round.

Wide Legs forward Bend A-D Prasarita Padottan Asana in Ashtanga Yoga

From the semester day bring your feet for PETA burn in hell hence on hip joints look up and band your back up on your chest exhale fall forward lengthening as you been at Western place both hands on the floor inhale head up Axl crown of head towards the floor hold for five to eight breath here keep engage your time lift your knee can inhale head up exhale a hands to hip joint G inhale come all the way up no pressure it’ll be in helping your back exhale fall forward up of head moving towards the flow floor keep your hands on hips lengthen your spine while exhale contract your abdominals inhale come all the way up now Rasha Rita Patton as Nancy inhale arms out to side exhale interlock fingers behind back now exhale bend forward arms overhead bringing hands towards food hold for five to eight rate here giving is your time slow deep ravine inhale come up no sir it padottan Asana D inhale arms out to side again exhale bend forward hand two big toes inhale hand up look up axle strengthen your spine and bend forward top of head towards your flow elbow Bend all here for time to add breath inhale head up exhale hands to hips inhale come all the way up exhale two-semester be relaxed.

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