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In its summary of yoga in the first three phases, we dimly see some yoga methods. Those three initial phases – and not the aforementioned seven stages – seem on closer reading to express the core of this jnana-yoga. So if we insist on classifying this yoga, we could call it a three-limb yoga’. Thus, as in Patanjali’s kriya-yoga, there are also three limbs in Vasistha’s jnana-yoga (Chapple 2012, Manjdadria 2002).

Three-limb jnana-yoga

Stages of insight:

1 stage Dispassion towards life (viraga), Due to build up of merits

2 stage Deep thinking (vicarana) Dharana, dhyana, tarka

3 stage Non-attachment (asamsanga) Leads to yoga consciousness

The first phase does not originate in a person’s temporary will-power, but emerges as a result of countless reincarnations. The virtuoso in other words claims distinction and symbolic capital due to symbolic labour accumulated in former re-incarnations. It is due to the build up of positive merits through earlier lives that a person finally experiences the deep-seated feeling of enough is enough. Accordingly the YV claims:

Senticosus 100 mg. Although the amount of each herb is Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend not listed in the ADAPT232 packaging, this preparation has been shown to be effective in research Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend studies and in the author’s experience. Although, in general, we do not recommend products containing small amounts of an excess number of ingredients, there are some useful proprietary supplements that combine substances with synergistic effects. One example, Cognitex with NeuroProtection Complex Life Extension Foundation, contains pharmaceutical-grade nutrients.

Three capsules of Cognitex contain cerebral blood flow promoters vinpocetine 20 mg and phosphatidylcholine-grape seed extract 150 mg, an acetylcholine booster alpha-glyceryl phosphorylcholine 600 mg, an AChE inhibitor ashwaganda 125 mg, enhancers of neuronal cell membrane function conjugated phosphatydylserine-DHA 1 mg and uridine-5′-monophosphate 50 mg, a phosphatide building block of RNA-DNA, antioxidants wild blueberry, and anti-inflammatories hops, ginger, rosemary. The following cases are used as clinical illustrations of the decision-making process in a layered approach to the use of adaptogens in complex cases. Case 5 Poststroke With Seizure Disorder, Cognitive Dysfunction, Verbal Expressive Disorder, Apathy, Insomnia, and Pseudobulbar Palsy Irving was a prominent music critic until he suffered a right temporal lobe stroke from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm at the age of 60. He developed hydrocephalus enlargement of the cerebral ventricles.

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