What’s your daily skincare routine?

What’s your daily skincare routine?

In the morning I shower and exfoliate my body with Sanctuary Resurface & Refine Ultra Polish as it is really zesty and wakes me up. and my skin feels super smooth after using it. I then follow with Sanctuary Firm & Boost Body Butter to keep my skin hydrated and firm all day. For my skin I fully cleanse and apply Sanctuary Leave-On Exfoliating Cream which exfoliates my skin throughout the day. I then apply Sanctuary Power Peptide Serum followed by Sanctuary Peptide Protect Day Cream |-

SPF20, both of which hydrate and protect my skin.

I don’t wear makeup every day but I do try to apply mascara daily. I have mascaras all over the place – in my handbags, in my car – there’s always a mascara to hand in case I need it.

What’s your important cleansing ritual?

Cleansing your skin is essential at any age to ensure your skin is clean and fresh and healthy looking. It’s so important not to sleep in your makeup or with dirty skin so cleansing and moisturising before bed is essential, especially if living in a city and having a busy lifestyle. Don’t ever go to bed with dirty skin!

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