What styles of yoga do you offer?

What styles of yoga do you offer?

I created unique sequences for our studios called ‘Leela’ yoga, which means play in Sanskrit, which perfectly explains our approach at yogahaven -fun and relaxed! We offer classes for everyone from ballerinas to builders. Keeping it open and playful means that everyone can take something from their time on the mat with us. and hopefully have a giggle too. We take inspiration from all sources and we even have quotes on our studio walls from Yoda and Kurt Cobain. I’m based in Islington and currently teach the basic Hot Yoga sequence suitable for beginners and our Hot Flow class for people that want to step up a gear and enjoy some great uplifting music as they practice. We also offer Friday night Fusion classes, which are different every week. It’s all about variety, creativity and being able to challenge yourself. The studios run 60. 75 or 90 minute classes and with our lunchtime Hot Express classes there’s always an opportunity to fit some yoga into your day yogahaven offers teacher training. What qualities do you think it takes to become a great teacher?

We run two intensive courses per year in Southern Morocco in a private villa with a rooftop yoga shala looking over the sea All of the yogahaven teachers trained here. It’s a great setting for falling in love with yoga. A great teacher is generous, knowledgeable and incredibly passionate. A teacher will also be a lifetime student so a lot of dedication is required. It’s also really important for a teacher to let their personality shine through and to enjoy what they do. I think it takes a lot of courage to be a teacher, to get up and share your passion with others in a safe and encouraging way. Ideally our students leave walking taller, physically and emotionally too.

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