What is Pyrethrum and How Do You Use It?

FR: Pyrethre GER: Pyrethrum IT: Piretro SP: Piretro

BOT: Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium FAM: Compositae ILL: Plate 9, No. 2

The word pyrethrum is loosely used for all single-flowered garden chrysanthemums and is also an insecticide. The insecticide comes mainly from three species; the one mentioned here which grows wild in Dalmatia and two others – one coming from Persia and the other from the Caucasus. Roman cookery advocated a pinch of pyrethrum in rissoles. The pyrethrums are not poisonous, so if anyone grows them in the garden they may care to experiment. Other species of chrysanthemum have culinary uses in Japan, and even the large garden varieties can be used as a garnish for exotic salads or for decorating other foods.

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