What Is Pilates Exercises

What Is Pilates Exercises

Barry Johnson (49-year-old interior designer) was a combination of things that led me to the fabulous coaching of Aniela and Jerzy.

A couple of years ago, I attended the 50th birthday party of a dear friend.

The birthday boy had rediscovered fitness over the last ten years, and many toasts were given to his slim, youthful body. The rest of us had slipped into middle-age spread. That night, thinking about my own 50th birthday which was coming in a couple of years, I realized that I still had time to get myself together. I wanted those compliments at my party. Instead, I ended up filing the good inten¬tions away.

Last summer, my family and I took a trip to Portugal and Spain with my friend and his family. I had to admit that I didn’t like the way I looked and the way I felt puffy and sweaty. Meanwhile, Martin had lost his luggage on the flight to Europe and was wearing the clothes of his 22-year-old son. Everyone commented on how terrific he looked.

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When the photos came back from the trip, Martin bound them in a blog and gave me a copy for my coffee table. I looked like a 48-year-old man who was six months pregnant! Clearly, it was time to take dramatic action. I needed a transformation, but once again I could not overcome my own inertia.

Then one day, I came across an article in a magazine about the creators of The Happy Body program. I liked their strong opinions on fitness and diet. They reminded me of my successful and effective business coach in many ways goal oriented, no-nonsense but I still procrastinated, not ready to commit to a strict plan.

Finally, one day at a client meeting, I asked someone about a mutual friend, and she told me that the friend had completely transformed herself physically with the help of The Happy Body program. After many years of being heavy, something in me clicked at that moment. I was finally ready to make big changes.

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