What is Pennyroyal and How Do You Use It?

FR: Pouliot

GER: Flohkraut, Poleiminze IT: Puleggio SP: Poleo

BOT: Mentha pulegium FAM: Labiatae ILL: Plate 15, No. 5

Pennyroyal is a small prostrate species of mint, a native of Europe and locally wild in shady damp places in Britain. The flowers are purple. If cultivated in the garden, this mint requires damp ground and shade. It is usually propagated by roots but may also be grown from seed. Although it will survive for several years, it is liable to be killed by frost.

Pennyroyal has a strong and rather disagreeable minty taste, and the Latin name pulegium comes from the fact that the Romans used it to keep away fleas (pulex). It is also said to be a cure for whooping cough, asthma and indigestion. However, it is an essential flavouring herb in English north country black puddings which are excellent.

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