What is Cowslip? How to Use Cowslip

FR: Fleur de coucou, Primevere commune

GER: Primel, Schlusselblume

IT: Primula

SP: Primula, Vellorita

BOT: Primula veris

FAM: Primulaceae

The flowers of the common cowslip have a delicate, sweet scent and were once much used for making cowslip wine and a tea, supposed to be a soporific. The flowers were candied and used fresh in salads or as decoration. Until recently, cowslip flowers were sold in season in some country markets in the English midlands. Now, however, the cowslip is becoming scarcer in Britain due to modern agricultural methods and the destruction of natural meadows, so it is no longer easy to gather the quantities necessary for making wine.

The primrose (Primula vulgaris) has similar uses, and the young leaves are good in early spring salads, although, if one is sensitive to them, they may cause dermatitis.

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