What Are You Paying For Yoga?

Day retreats are the most economical. The price of any retreat is often dictated by what the retreat site offers. When looking for a retreat, here are some cost-conscious things to ask:

Location. Is it on an island, in front of the ocean, in the mountains, close to home, or does it require extensive travel?

Accommodations and food.

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Are the rooms private or do you share quarters? How many people are in a room if you share? Are the meals basic or gourmet? Do you prepare your own meals or is food included in the retreat package?

Can you camp? This can cut down on cost.

What's included? Do you need to bring anything special?

Yoga style. Will the retreat focus on one style of yoga? Is it compatible with what you want to do?

What level is it? Is it a retreat for beginners or for advanced students and teachers? Are the yoga levels mixed?

Who'll be teaching? Is the retreat offering workshops or yoga classes with a well-known yoga instructor.

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