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Looking for Hunger in AH the Possible Places

So what does “real” hunger feel like? This may be the question of the century for you. Most dieters say they are either never hungry or always hungry. They have the urge to eat but are not really hungry. These are symptoms of the feast or famine cycle. Getting back in touch with your genuine hunger is the first key to permanent weight loss. Especially at the beginning, it is absolutely necessary that your hunger signals guide your eating. This connection will enable you to get off the feast or famine cycle.

Always eating in response to your definite hunger signals is the habit that sends the message to your body that famines are things of the past; there is now no need to continue adapting to famines by storing fat. Eating on time interrupts the feast or famine cycle; ending famines, ending overeating, ending bingeing and cravings for fat-producing foods. And you’ll be able to finally enjoy exercise. These changes end adaptive weight gain.

What Hunger Feels Like

Remember when you were a child playing outside in the summer, and you suddenly became hungry.

Maybe you were very hungry. What was that feeling? You just knew it. “Hey Mom, I’m hungry!” It was an empty feeling. It was an urge. It interrupted your play because it felt so strong. You noticed and identified it easily because it was compelling—a good feeling in a way because you knew there was food.

Hunger can be that way again; simple, strong, easy to identify, a good feeling to be satisfied well. You don’t have to debate about it. You don’t have to analyze it. You don’t have to ignore it! You don’t have to fear it. In fact, your hunger is the key to getting a normal relationship with food again, just like when you were a kid.

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The Very Best Appetite Suppressant

In our mad quest to get around our hunger, we’ve developed and manufactured and discovered hundreds of appetite suppressants. These various products and methods of curtailing or eliminating our appetites are wildly popular because of the rampant belief that hunger is the enemy of weight loss. But just like the tens of thousands of other popular diet products, these methods of squelching hunger are doomed to fail as lasting weight loss aids. Somehow bodies manage to eventually work around them and get their survival needs met. Actually, the very best appetite suppressant, and the only one you can safely take indefinitely, is food. This is a big relief to dieters who learn to get in touch with their hunger again. They have tried just about everything, including disgusting-tasting power bars and shakes, to get rid of their hunger without eating real food. Usually the idea of suppressing their appetite by actually eating food seems preposterous at first. Are you kidding, using food to suppress my appetite? Yes! Actually, the very best one! We’ve been blind to this fact because we’ve always thought that food is the enemy of overweight people. But now we know that’s not true.

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