Water Yoga Poses

Water Yoga Poses

Let me start by citing my own experience to show how pervasive within communities of sciencemuch closer to the heartland of real science than statistical medicine this proto-fundamentalism is.

In the late 1940s, my department head in geosciences at Penn State warned me not to be misled by the American geological establishment. This entire body, he warned me, had rejected Alfred Wegener’s nearly 20-year-old proposal of continental drift. With all the fervor of Southern preachers, the gurus of American geoscience derided Wegener’s view as absurd. Yet, slowly but surely, over a decade or two, their views were totally washed away by the tidal wave of more and more facts. Without any fanfare or public mea culpa, one “certainly correct” theory was abandoned and another one installed! Scientific “truth” changes, and true scientists worldwide celebrate its ability to do so.

Here’s another example: Within the next decade, the controversy was all about the volcanoes on the moon. When my graduate student Frank Dachille wrote a rather simple, rambling blog, Target Earth, proposing that the moon was actually pockmarked not by volcanoes but by craters caused by meteor impact, I was advised by leaders of the nation’s major geological professional society to dismiss him from the university! Such a believer in the absurd, they advised me, should not be allowed to get a degree, even though his research with me was totally unrelated to the moon. Ten years later, meteorite impacts on both moon and Earth were a very hot research topic of yes, the very same orthodox scientists. Sic transit!

One community within science, inorganic chemistry, has monopolized the study of the “structure” of water. The biomolecular medical establishment has paid no attention to it. Hence essentially zero scientific work has been done on healing and water by the conventional medical establishment. On the other hand, those intimately involved with human beings in healing such as Florence Nightingale with her insistence on cleanliness and washing, and Hahnemann and his nearly pure water remedieshave had profound effects on large populations, even on the medical establishment in the case of Nightingale! Today, it’s finally possible to revive more objectively the question of the efficacy of various water-based healing vectors suggested by traditional practices.

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In my 60 years of work at the cutting edge of materials science, I’ve always worked with one common approach: Find the most interesting observations, “wild facts,” as William James called them, or “useful truths,” in the words of Ben Franklin (see the Bibliography), which are unexplainable by current theories and hence spurned by almost all scientists. Go after those areas. I did, and I ran across several key data that had this in common: They were all involved with water.

I’ll start here with the most provable data, testable by normal medical procedures: the extraordinary antibacterial (and antiviral) effects obtained with ultradilute metallic sols (or colloids), especially of silver. A sol is merely a permanent suspension, just like, say, milk, of very fine particles of a different solid or liquid. For anyone advocating the possibility of producing profound health effects with (essentially) pure water, the easy demonstration of such effects is the use of such a silver sol or colloid (easily found in any health-food store) made up of roughly 1 ppm (or one part per million atomic concentration) of metallic particles in the 10 nm range. This is the best proof or “existence theorem” for attention-focusing by the less informed. In any assemblage of petri dishes containing the usual range of test bacteria, the antibacterial effects of these ultradilute sols can be demonstrated in minutes and compare favorably with the best antibiotics. How can essentially pure water do this?

The range of these effects has been and is being demonstrated worldwide, most relevantly these days in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. This remarkable fact is never reported in the mass media. Most startling to this author is the connection of this water and silver and electric current to some of the most significant medical issues today: the regeneration of human limbs (fingertips), as demonstrated by Becker and Flick many years ago.

If a sol of silver at a 1 ppm concentration can do this, can the structure of different spa waters, and hence their health effects, be different because of the influence of the structurally different suspended particulate colloidal mineral matter? Can radiationwhether electric fields from megavolt overhead wires or microwave magnetic fields change and even leave an imprint on water? Detailed scientific papers from Japan present data on just such possibilities. In contrast with the multitrillion-dollar sales power of the pharmaceutical industry and a $30 billion annual research budget for National Intstitutes of Health (NIH) alone, however, the research in this area receives essentially zero funding.

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