Water Exercises For Weight Loss

Water Exercises For Weight Loss


When water spirals, it’s making the movement of creation. All growth takes place in a spiral.

Watch a fern unfurl, a bean grow out of the ground, or the petals of a rose unfold, and you’ll see this spiraling motion in operation.

The DNA in the center of each of our cells is a spiral a double helix that carries our inheritance. Ancestral influences are passed on through it and also through the water element, according to ancient Chinese tradition. The emerging science of epigenetics is now showing us that we not only inherit physical traits (such as size, eye color, and tendencies toward particular diseases), but also emotional states. These are often held in the water element and in particular in the kidney meridian, one of the paths of energy that run through the body.

A young man came to see me wanting to be more confident and to take the next step on his path in life. He found it hard to think positively about himself and felt held back by his anxiety about change. We discovered that his DNA and kidney meridian were low in energy. (Kidney energy problems often manifest as anxiety or fear.) Muscle testing showed that he’d inherited an emotional pattern from his father, and that it reached back in his ancestry for 16 generations. The pattern was one of anxiety and fear about change and moving on in life exactly what he was experiencing. He also recognized this in his father. An additional pattern from his mother, who’d been anxious about giving birth to her son, was also affecting his kidney energy.

By working with the energy of the kidney meridian, we were able to restore balance to the DNA and the water element, and then hydration became optimal in every system in the young man’s body.

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Now free of the pattern of fear and anxiety, he found a spiritual teacher, made changes in his way of life, and began to feel good about himself.

The water element in many ancient traditions is the one that relates to nourishing and nurturing. In the Native American tradition, Father Sun brings his love and passion to Mother Earth, who receives this; and together they give birth to their daughter Water, a Goddess and the Spirit of the plants, who brings life and beauty to the earth. It seems that we in the West have forgotten the ancient stories and the beauty of honoring the balance of nature that we can still see in other cultures.

The first acupuncture point on the kidney meridian on the bottom of the feet is called “Bubbling Spring.” It’s a major point for energy input. When we walk, this part of the foot acts as a pump and encourages the waters of the body to move. It’s natural for them to circulate and, as already mentioned, if they become too still, they turn stagnant. To encourage movement, we can walk, run, or do whatever activity we enjoy. Figure eights will spiral the body’s waters into motion and energize them So by circling the body, we can enhance our flexibility and the flow of our waters. Belly dancers know this!

A woman who was having eye problems, with fuzzy sight and a slight gritty feeling in her eyes, came to a seminar I gave about kinesiological ways of working with water. I see the eyes as two of the lakes in the body. For a lake to stay healthy, it needs a throughput of water. So we muscle checked and found that figure eights would be a helpful remedy for this woman. She rolled her eyes in a sideways “eight” movement, and then went on to move both her eyes and her neck in this way for a short time. Afterward, her sight became clear, her eyes looked brighter, and the gritty feeling disappeared.

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