Water Exercise Gloves

Water Exercise Gloves


The effects of water’s presence in our lives are so obvious that many of us take them for granted, yet we’ve all noticed how excited children become when they interact with this substance. It also has its own character. Have you ever noticed, when entering an empty room, that if there’s a pitcher of water in it, you don’t feel alone?

We take water with us everywhere these days. When we’re hiking or exercising, we carry bottles of it for regeneration and rejuvenation. We’re created in water, bathe in it, cleanse wounds with it, and can die when we don’t have enough of it. With roughly two-thirds of our planet covered by water and our bodies containing similar proportions of it, is it any wonder that it’s such an amazing conduit for our thoughts, energies, and healing?

Nature provides so many ways for us to live more easily if we can only be more sensitive to what surrounds us, and animals can be such great teachers for us all. Recently, I stood in the high mountains of New Mexico while the lightning-filled charcoal clouds announced a coming storm As the ions increased, I watched a beautiful coal-black stallion prancing to discharge the intensity of the electromagnetic energy. He did this by tossing his head, arching his tail, and bucking himself off the ground, breaking the build-up of static electricity. He instinctively knew what he needed to do in order to release the accumulation of the converging energies. When the rain clouds broke, he calmed, and water soothed his body.

I believe that we have a primordial relationship with water as our earliest parent one of the life forces from which we sprang. It can be so comforting, while also having an uncanny ability to reflect emotions. The reason for this, as I understand it, is that thoughts are energy, which creates vibrations. These can have color and distinct forms, all of which I see. There are also more hues than we perceive with our eyes, including what I call “colorless colors.” When water’s healthy, I experience it as a glowing liquid light that hums. Vibrations give me information, and once I have that, I wait for an energy flow, or “energetic directive,” to see how I’m supposed to help.

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As a listener, I naturally pay attention to most beings. In April 2003, my service dog, Whisper, reacted very strongly to the photographs of water crystals that Dr. Emoto was displaying during one of his presentations in Los Angeles. She reacted to both his crystal images and to the vibrations of his tuning fork. Whisper is a healer in her own right, and she was deeply affected by the communication that she saw in Dr. Emoto’s pictures. Her reaction was one of surprise, as she looked at the huge images displayed on the screen. I watched her as she stared at each slide, appearing to communicate with some of the images. At one in particular, she sat upright and was visibly moved. I was deeply touched by the photographs; and it occurred to me then, after so many years of working with water, how patient it is with us all.

Dr. Emoto gave me his card, and when Whisper and I saw him speak once again in Santa Fe several months later, he asked us to participate in his next blog. We were thrilled!

The following December, Dr. Emoto came to one of my evening intuitive presentations. I asked anyone wishing to work with me to choose one of the bowls of water located in the back of the room They were instructed to place their most pressing issue or question, in thought form, into the kindness of the water.

Above: Miranda with her dog, Whisper.

A red-haired woman of about 35 gave me her first name, handed me her bowl of water and stood off to my side, motionless. After a few moments, the vibrational patterns and colors in the water became apparent to me. I watched as its energetic field made clear what she needed to know. The surface of the liquid was acting like a screen, reflecting her inner confusion, deep fear, and physical illness. I could see by looking at the energies surrounding her body that this physical illness was manifesting itself as tension in her musculoskeletal system: bones, muscles, and joints.

As I worked with her nonverbally, I could see that the energy, colors, and vibrations emanating from her body were becoming more vibrant. I then verbally relayed to her what was taking place currently in her life. As I spoke to her about how she could dispel her physical issues, she and the water began to take on more of each other’s properties, appearing more and more similar. A woman and a bowl of water, which had started as two distinctive elements, were now experiencing an energetic exchange.

Being hearing impaired, I use a sign language interpreter. With the lights in my eyes I couldn’t see the woman’s face, so I looked at my interpreter to see if she had any questions or needed to say anything. My interpreter had no signs for me, so I continued.

I saw that the woman’s body was wrapped in fields of fearful emotional energies. They were encasing her chest area and causing some restrictive breathing patterns. In checking for any kind of genetic illness, I saw that the tightness in her chest came from a current emotional situation, which was the cause of her fear.

Happily, she remained receptive for the entire time I worked with her, and I could see the colors and energies surrounding her body shifting. Simultaneously, so were the energies and colors of the bowl of water. Her innate self-altering processes were affecting the water inside her body, which in turn was resonating with the water in the bowl. Even though she was no longer physically holding the bowl, they were inextricably connected. The water revealed that her life would be taking a new direction and that her deep fear of this change was contributing to her physical illness. I let her know that it was imperative that she understand that her illness was very possibly of her own creation. She thanked me and wept as she returned to her seat.

Several weeks later I crossed paths with the woman again. She told me that she’d always been unable to deal with stress and had recently been hired for a new job and was feeling very uncertain if it would end up taking over her life. She said that after I worked with her, the pain in her joints had stopped and the tension in the rest of her body had been released. She told me that ever since that night, she has never looked at water in the same way.

At another one of my evening presentations, a man in his late 40s came and stood next to me in silence and handed me his bowl of water. What I saw in it was that he wanted to know what was wrong with his health. I could see that he was incredibly tense, with ruddy fields of opaque energy, which pointed to his health condition possibly being chronic. When I suggested that spending time floating in water might help him, the look on his face was one of disdain as he returned to his seat.

Several months later, in a local market, his wife introduced herself and told me how grateful she was that they’d come that evening. She said her husband had been going to doctors who’d prescribed several medications and told him that unless he took them, he’d become very sick. The man hadn’t listened to them and hadn’t taken the drugs. Although he was fairly certain that water couldn’t help him in any way, either, his wife told me that after my presentation, he’d gone home and spent considerably more time floating in their pool. A few months later when he went for his next medical appointment, the doctor was pleased to see that his blood pressure had dropped significantly and commended him on finally taking the prescribed medication. As his wife tells it, her husband just laughed and said, “Actually, all I did was float in water.”

The “floating man” and the union between the red-haired woman and the small bowl of water reminded me of the small bottles of water in the large hands of those men at Ground Zero. But what was the water actually doing for the people at Ground Zero? Watching as they used it to rinse the dust from their masks and the grime from their eyes and tilted their heads back to take a drink, I saw that each of them went into a place that was soothing for them. Whether that was a precious memory of their family, a special vacation, or their kids’ faces, water had become a portal to a rare moment of reprieve from their horrific surroundings. Taking a simple drink had created a sacred moment with a great healer.

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