Warrior Transitions the Zen Way

Welcome to drone yoga and open the next time today we look at transitions.

And we’ll look specifically at the transition between warrior one and warrior two. And it’s not necessarily the easiest transition on the head or the legs or the feet. But it’s a beautiful place where we can really practice the awareness of transition as we keep our gaze your Drishti very much focused on our arms as they go let’s see how it goes so coming to the top of the mat we’re going to step the left foot back and go into the warrior one trying to get the hip somewhat square forward and less alignment more mindfulness practice gaze up at me right in take a big inhale.

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And where the slow motion exhale opening up warrior to keep the gaze of the rest find that energy arms reaching out shoulders down we’re going to step it forward and we’re going to step the right foot back again trying to adjust the hips finding our warrior one gaze at the left hand and in slow motion warrior two Art’s powerful shoulders relax hi release having we’re going to do it again on the right side to right foot forward left foot back going to warrior one yeah exactly it’s that slow movement of the arms right it’s stretching the movement as long as your breath is as Vanessa will exhales she’s going to start or slow the open Warrior 2 you can see her gaze is locked in for right hand focus presence he finds like me stretching above. And then to see the beautiful power the arms the softness of the shoulders slow even her transition coming forward release the hands or never works coming forward slow steady second side show step the right foot back and even now as she comes up to warrior one slow steady her gaze follows the orange she comes up nice and smooth keeping present she’ll take a big inhale and with the exhale slowly Vanessa Oh mini warrior two I’m not worrying so much about the lower part of the body just really that presence of mindfulness slowly coming back to the front of the.

So It transitions in general and reality everything in life is a transition every yoga poses a transition when we’re breathing when we’re practicing nothing is really studying even when we believe it is we have to kind of practice that need presence that’s slowing down a tiny bit to cultivate the true yoga to really come to that place where our practice is not just gymnastics running through things we have to slip out of this transition consciously thanks for David so amazingly namaste.

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