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Other Indian exporters of yoga – like Sri Yogendra, Yogi Gherwal, Yogi Wassan, Yogi Hari Rama – also travelled to USA promoting hatha-yoga and yoga.

Still, it was Vivekananda’s and Yogananda’s constructions of meditative yoga science – a yoga relatively successfully promoted and maintained by small organisational centres – which became most widespread (Syman 2010). These centres promoted a discourse, which corresponded to that of the leading Western Orientalists and American esoterics. Hence they were often legitimised and supported by Western cultural elites like the author Aldous Huxley.

Some twenty-five years later the guru Yogananda (Wikipedia link) added on to Vivekananda’s initial missionary work. He also understood the importance of building up an organisational network. In the USA Yogananda set up his Self-Realisation Fellowship, which promoted a system named kriya-yoga. This system was also an attempt to implement the meditative system of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. However Yogananda defined yoga as a science rather than as meditation (Albanese 2007). Yoga here became an instrument for a universal- or perennial religion. Yogananda also taught some physical yoga exercises for improving the health, although these were not asanas but instead mainly Western based calisthenics, autosuggestion- and will-power-techniques. Yogananda’s self-biography became a bestseller.

ADAPT contains a proprietary combination of R. Rosea, E Warrior III Yoga Pose . senticosus, and S. chinesis. SHI will not reveal the exact proportions of each Warrior III Yoga Pose herb in its proprietary product. In the original ADAPT formula that was used in studies by the Department of Defense of the Soviet Union, two tablets contained R. Rosea 360 mg 1% salidrosides and 3% rosavins, S. chinensis 100 mg, and E.

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