Want To Discover Your Fitness Age Or The Best Exercise For Your Body Type? Welcome To The Personalised Plans To Help You Nail Your Goals

Back in the day, gym inductions involved a quick Q&A and a lesson on how to work the treadmill. Now, you can find out whether you’re primed for marathons or bodybuilding, thanks to a DNA workout plan. Think your arms are holding onto blubber? A body-composition-expert trainer can explain that. Customised fitness programmes, tailor-made to your unique genetic, biomarker or body data,future. And it’s no wonder, given that research recently revealed dieters using genetic lost a third more weight than uninformed comrades. If it works for foodies, it could work for the fitness world. Here are the plans that know more about your body than you do!

Want To Discover Your Fitness Age Or The Best Exercise For Your Body Type? Welcome To The Personalised Plans To Help You Nail Your Goals Photo Gallery

The plan: What’s your fitness age? BioAge is an exercise and lifestyle assessment that measures your biological ‘fitness age’ against your real age. A unique addition to a gym induction, the 45-minute assessment covers three main areas – health (for instance lung capacity, blood pressure, weight to height ratio), fitness (think power, agility, core strength) and lifestyle (this is where you need to admit how much you sleep and drink). This data is used to create a bigger picture of your overall well being, which is tallied up – years get added if you fail to meet average results and taken away if you’re above average – to create your BioAge. Smart.

The expert says: ‘BioAge is all about evolving the gym experience, offering members a more tailored and personalised approach to their workout so they can reach the right goals in the best possible way. BioAge takes a holistic approach, looking at someone’s lifestyle rather than just how many times they exercise each week. This means they can set realistic goals and kickstart a training programme with a deeper knowledge of fitness and health, and not just rely on physical appearance as a gauge.’ – Lee Matthews, UK fitness director at Fitness First

Available at: Fitness First Clubs as part of the BodyFirst and BodyFirst+ induction packages (fitnessfirst.co.uk).

H&F verdict: ‘I don’t normally get nervous about workout assessments, but throw age into the mix and I suddenly have a fear of being 30-going-on-60! The health and lifestyle assessments were in line with things I’ve discovered before (blood pressure is okay; I’m not stressed soul) but the fitness tests were where it got interesting. Using a variety of tests to measure different skills – TRX row for strength, standing jumps for power, 500m row for cardiovascular ability – I got a good idea of the disciplines that need work (flexibility, I’m looking at you). The end result (I’m 27.5 – yay!) is interesting, but I should keep it in perspective – I know being extremely agile isn’t going to help me meet my performance goal, so I won’t stress about it too much.’

Best for: Fifties who want to turn back time.

BIOAGE Fitness First gyms

The plan:Members at Embody Fitness get a body­shaping package that includes a consultation then two assessments – musculoskeletal and nutritional. You get a 10-point body composition check to highlight potential hormonal imbalances that may be preventing loss of body fat. This data is then used to devise a training strategy that’s unique to your goal. You can also train with one of the highly- qualified personal trainers, which includes Olympian Sarah Claxton, to further inspire you.

The expert says: ‘Our holistic team approach means we focus on the whole person, not just one area. We look at all aspects of a person’s lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and biomechanics to devise bespoke training and nutrition plans. Clients are educated, as well as coached, so they can change their habits for the long-term. Our clients think they’re coming to us to achieve an amazing body transformation but they also get a lifestyle transformation so they feel fitter and healthier. In short, they look and feel a lot younger!’ – Chris Walton, director of personal training

Available at: Embody Fitness, London (embody fitness.co.uk).

H&F verdict: Tm a carb fiend, so, after the trainer measured the body fat percentage on my upper back. I was delighted to discover my body handles carswell. But the initial assessment revealed endurance exercise stress may be negatively affecting my thyroid and gut, leading to fat around the thighs Sarah Claxton took me through a circuit of fat-blasting moves as well. The result? I now know how to make fat-blasting changes to my exercise and nutrition regime. Hurrah!’

Want To Discover Your Fitness Age Or The Best Exercise For Your Body Type? Welcome To The Personalised Plans To Help You Nail Your Goals Photo Gallery

Best For: Anyone with a dramatic makeover goal.


The plan: This comprehensive fitness program combines advanced kinesio genetic, nutrigenetic and lifestyle data to give members a results-driven gym plan. There Are four key areas that make up the programme – the Boditrax machine, which reveals your current fitness statistics, including body mass index, visceral fat rating and basal metabolic rate plus DNA, a genetic test that unveils DNA data; Meal Planner personalised nutrition plan; and Your Weight Change, a weight-loss support group amongst members.

The expert says: ‘Your Health & Fitness provides a more personalised approach to nutrition and training to give members a betterstart on their health and wellness journey. It also gives ongoing support. Users get more access to our expertise and it can save time by removing trial and error.’ – Elaine Denton, group health & fitness support manager

Available at: David Lloyd Leisure Clubs at Hampton, Beckenham, Dublin, Farnham, Cheshire Oaks. Exeter and Leeds.

Member verdict: My goal is to decrease my body fat percentage. Services such as DNA, Boditrax and Meal Planner help improve eating and fitness habits. The Boditrax machine helped me hone in on areas of fitness that I needed to develop, and helped me track my goals. I didn’t do a lot of resistance training before, but I’m now on my third cycle of a weights programme, which changes every five weeks. My DNA test also revealed that I’m suited to a Mediterranean diet – lots of protein and vegetables! This is important to me because I hear that 70-80 percent of fat loss is down to nutrition, while a maximum of 30 per cent is linked to training. I think it’s important to have a holistic approach to fitness, which David Lloyd provides.’

Best for: Anyone who wants to lose weight.

Want To Discover Your Fitness Age Or The Best Exercise For Your Body  Type? Welcome To The Personalised Plans To Help You Nail Your Goals


The plan: DNA data is proving to be a useful tool when it comes to achieving fitness goals. Research shows that our genetic makeup can affect how we cope with power or endurance exercise, and Matt Roberts’ DNAFit Body Performance Pro plan takes it one step further by using that data to produce a results-driven plan. Your Consultation starts with a dietary analysis and a functional movement screening (analysing the muscle activity and joint balance under bodyweight and loaded conditions), then a DNA test allows the trainer to assess what type of training and diet will produce the quickest results. You can also do specific strength testing, power tests. VO2 testing and lactate testing to help boost sports performance.

The expert says: ‘We believe diagnostics are the key to all results. Having a clear and measurable starting point with every client is the foundation of the programming that we put in place. It’s all about getting great results for clients, and knowing the client and how their body functions is vital to achieving goals.’ – Matt Roberts, founder

Available at: Matt Roberts personal training gyms in London (mattroberts.co.uk).

Member verdict: ‘I train hard and thought I knew my body well, but my DNA report showed I need to spend more time on recovery processes. | I also learnt I need to increase my antioxidant intake to reduce toxicity, i and that I’m genetically predisposed to endurance work, which I I thought I was naturally poor at! My endurance is now so much better.’

Best for: Fitness fans with a performance goal. ■

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