Vitabiotics Science Of Healthy Living


These days fashion is about far more than looking good and jewellery needs to do a little more than sparkle. Ananda Soul Creations is a line of jewellery that aims to cleanse, heal, and inspire. The brands founder, Christina Zipper-len was drawn to create this line by the women she believes are re-shaping the world.

Featuring fairtrade, handmade pieces that are blessed in a Balinese ceremony with love, abundance, and peace, this line proves itself to be about far more than accessorising. An affiliation with the Safe Childhood Foundation sees 10% of profits go to the charity which trains the mothers of Balinese street children in skills such as jewellery making.

This is a line born from a passion for yoga, meditation, and inspiration and it is certainly doing its part to influence positive change.

This is Ananda Soul Creations Santosa Bracelet which features Peridot, known for its ability to cleanse hurt feelings and heal relationships.

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