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This line of argument puts question marks beside the story about the sages who in deep meditation discovered the process of meditative release’. If this textual reading is correct, we can suspect that the YS is an empty sign system, a simulacrum – a copy without original. So it becomes an example of what Baudrillard says is a sign which hides the absence of reality and only pretend to mean anything.

In summary, the YS compiles an ascetic meditative life-style with Buddhist liberation discourse, Brahmin rituals, meditative samadhi categories and puts them all under a hegemonic Samkhya umbrella of metaphysics. The compiler – whether it is Patanjali, Vyasa or Vindhyavasin – was definitely of Samkhya orientation and most probably an intellectual. Based on the confusing mixture of techniques, I agree with Bronkhorst and other scholars that it seems the compiler had little experience of meditation. Finally, I doubt that the compiler has succeeded in bringing disparate sign systems together in a single, integrated and coherent philosophical system expressing the singular essence of yoga.

Sudarshan Kriya Yoga The Faculty Wellness Program at MD Anderson Cancer Virabhadrasana II Yoga Pose Center in Houston, Texas offered the five-day Sudarshan Kriya Yoga Basic Course three times Virabhadrasana II Yoga Pose to a total of 48 faculty and staff members. An online survey of the participants drew responses from 24 subjects 50% response rate who reported the following items to be better/much better as a result of taking the course: anxiety/tension 38%/33%; ability to stay calm 42%/29%; mood 50%/25%; ability to focus 46%/4%; relationships outside of work 29%/12%; feelings of stress 38%/38%; sleep 33%/17%; anger/frustration 42%/17%; closeness with coworkers 21%/8%; optimism 29%/25% Apted, 2006. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE The leading cause of death and disability in the United States and many other countries is cardiovascular disease CVD. The potential role of CAM in prevention and treatment of CVD, as well as in recovery after acute episodes or surgery, is of growing interest. A review by Kim Innes and colleagues 2005 of the possible protective effects of yoga in reducing risk indices identified 70 studies, including one observational, 26 uncontrolled, 21 nonrandomized controlled, and two RCTs. Although many had methodological limitations, the reviewers concluded that, . . .

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