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The British then started a process of transforming these groups from soldiers and traders to pure wrestlers and martial arts fighters. Many – especially the Nath jogis – sank into a traditional Lumpenproletariat of mendicants frequenting market places. Here they would hold performances, offer their supernatural services or just beg. They joined India’s large poverty-stricken surplus rural population, who often frequented market places, fairs and sites of pilgrimage where people gathered. Here in such public places – like anywhere else in the world – some of these jogis and fakirs ‘ would display the acrobatic poses of contortionism. Contortionism – the dramatic bending and flexing of the body – had always attracted the public. The performing contortionist jogi of the marketplace became in the public mind conflated with the hatha jogi ‘. Why this happened is not clear, as hatha-yoga – despite using some body postures – was not particularly preoccupied with contortionism

Other smaller groups of Sadhus returned to monasteries and here conformed to the Christian expectation of a monk: a peaceful saintly person living in contemplation striving for salvation. It seems that the remains of yoga as a cult lifestyle and a discourse became almost extinct during the 19 century.

One CA27-29 blood test which looks for markers of Viparita Karani Yoga Pose breast cancer came back high. That threw her into turmoil, until her PET scan and Viparita Karani Yoga Pose bone scan came back normal. Yoga breathing helped keep the anxiety down to a manageable level. Beth returned to work full-time and resumed her very busy life. She continued the SKY practice, but not every day. When she took an advanced Sudarshan Kriya course in 2004, she realized that things she had dismissed as inevitable events in life were really stressors. She finished the course with a greater respect for her body and mind. Beth described how her feelings toward herself and others changed, At the end of my daily breathing practice I feel ready to start my day with peace and compassion for other people.

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