Variation of Wild Thing – Camatkarasana

Variation of Wild Thing – Camatkarasana

Main Benefit – Opens the front of the torso, belly, lungs and chest.

Caution – This is an intermediate to advanced pose so only attempt it if you have been doing yoga for some time already.

1. Start in down facing dog.

2. Gently bend the knees and place your left foot underneath you and over the right side about 20cm or so to the side of your other foot.

3. Then keeping the knees bent slightly, allow the feet to pivot and draw the right arm off the floor to roll over into the backbend.

4. Extend the right arm behind you, and keep your hips working upwards.

5. Only hold for a breath or two and then to come out draw the right arm back in, pivot on the feet and then place the left foot back into the down facing dog position also placing the right hand back into down dog position.

6. Repeat to the other side.

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