Vajr Asanastha Poorva Yoga Mudra

The mascot and maybe that and welcome to on and yoga yoga for high blood pressure high blood pressure is a condition wherein your blood pressure is always higher than the normal required in your body this condition is also known as hypertension there are various reasons that you can have high blood pressure it might be.

Because of your age it might be. Because of the overweight it might also be. Because of malfunctioning of your plants the endocrine glands or also. Because of kidney not functioning properly. And the most common reason is. Because of the stress tension. And the strain that you go through in day-to-day life yoga can help you reduce your blood pressure and bring it back to normal by improving the health of your heart. And the other organs in your body it also help you to stay calm and relaxed physically as well as mentally just try this set of arsons and feel the difference in your body as well as what your Asanas the pool where you wanna draw this variation of Hydra since the pool of a yoga mudra helps you to relax your mind. And also relieves the stress to go in this Asana you’re sittin in which raphson and bring both the hands in front. And you take the palms on the opposite side either you keep one hand on the other or keep it separated whatever you wish.

And slowly rest the forehead on it. And then use your eyes. And just relax in this awesome it’s awesome will help you to calm down your mind will also help you to release the stress accumulated in your body especially the abdomen. And the upper body keep the breathing normal can take your own time in maintaining in this arson just relaxing the body parts feeling attention to your breathing you can also pay attention to our abdomen moving up and down. And the pressure that it gets from the legs it’s a very pleasurable feeling when you just observe it a very wonderful Ahsan for people suffering from high BP, if you feel that this is uncomfortable you can increase the height by keeping a bolster or just keeping your head on your bed. And then when you feel like coming up you first open your eyes take the head slightly up and take the hands on the sides straighten your back and go back and sit in my drawers Inquisition. And the stream the effect of this awesome on your body as well as on your mind.

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