Utthan Pristhasana Yoga Pose

Although there are some studies showing that KY can ameliorate anxiety Utthan Pristhasana Yoga Pose and obsessive-compulsive disorder see Chapter 3, evidence for the other benefits is limited immune Utthan Pristhasana Yoga Pose stimulation or anecdotal. The breath techniques of KY, including slow respiration against airway resistance with breath holds and the vibrational stimulations of chanting, have the potential to affect the stress response systems, parasympathetic activity, and immune parameters see Chapter 3. However, each KY technique is time consuming.

Although convincing patients to spend several hours a day performing the recommended combination of techniques may be challenging, it can be a rewarding experience for patients motivated to practice regularly. Sudarshan Kriya Yoga Sudarshan Kriya Yoga combines gentle yoga stretches, yoga breathing, meditation and yoga knowledge, spirituality, and community mindedness in a supportive group setting. Although no scientific studies have proven that yoga practices significantly alter the course of cancer, many individuals claim to have experienced such benefits. Research studies have shown that yoga practices can improve the physical condition, measures of immune function, symptoms of psychological distress, sleep, socialization, happiness, and overall quality of life for individuals with cancer and other chronic illnesses Banerjee, Vadiraj, Ram, Rao, Jayapal et al., 2007; Culos-Reed et al.

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