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Amrit Kalash has also been found to increase tolerance of cancer Ustrasana Yoga Pose treatment without interfering with the action of chemotherapy agents. Additional RCTs are needed to confirm safety Ustrasana Yoga Pose and efficacy for cancer patients.

In clinical practice, the authors find that patients who take Amrit Kalash during a course of chemotherapy report improved energy, digestion, and sense of well being, as well as Bio-Strath Bio-Strath, a traditional Swiss herbal brewer’s yeast preparation, contains a high concentration of B vitamins and antioxidants. When given to 177 cancer patients during radiation therapy in a DBRPC stratified trial, Bio-Strath improved energy, appetite, weight gain, and red blood cell counts compared with placebo.

There was no effect on tumor growth or on the action of radiotherapy on the tumor Schwarzenbach & Brunner, 1996. CAM for Cancer-Related Pain A review of CAM for relief of cancer-related pain concluded that hypnosis, imagery, support groups, acupuncture, and healing touch appear to be promising short-term interventions, but the lack of rigorous trials with adequate statistical power limits the ability to adequately assess their efficacy Bardia, Barton, Prokop, Bauer, & Moynihan, 2006. Nevertheless, there is a sizable literature and a long history of clinical practice in the use of hypnosis and acupuncture for pain relief in many conditions. There is no reason to believe that the pain experienced by cancer patients would be less responsive to these approaches.

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