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So what should the reader make of all this?

It seems to me that HYP says that the hatha-yoga techniques it teaches are very efficient and have many benefits. In many ways they offer a fast track to what is normally seen as hard to achieve – samadhi. This view is already stated in the first verse of chapter one (Ch. 1; verse times. In the end the reader gathers that hatha-yoga despite its abilities is only an instrument -a stairway. Hatha-yoga cannot deliver the final goal. In the end HYP – the perceived bible of modern hatha yogis – reduces hatha-yoga to a set of powerful yet insufficient techniques: it is not a self-contained system.

This is expressed in even stronger terms in the samadhi chapter (Ch.4: verse 79): There are practitioners of hatha-yoga who do not have knowledge of raja yoga .(they receive) .. no fruits of their efforts. This cannot be said more clearly: hatha-yoga does not lead to final liberation. Hatha-yoga has to be supplemented by raja-yoga – which is samadhi (being both process (meditation) and goal (union)).

Rosea extract improved urothelial tissue, leukocyte integrines, and T Urdhva Dhanurasana Yoga Pose -cell immunity with a trend toward reduction in frequency of relapse Bocharova, Matveev, Baryshnikov Urdhva Dhanurasana Yoga Pose , Figurin, & Serebriakova, 1995. A 95% ethanol extract of R. Rosea stems showed cytotoxicity against prostate cancer cells Ming, Hillhouse, Guns, Eberding, & Xie, 2005. Much of the literature on R. rosea cancer research is published in non-English-language journals. The inability to access this literature, combined with reluctance to use herbal preparations in cancer patients and the lack of funding to test this adaptogen, have inhibited many Western oncologists from exploring the potential benefits of R. rosea and other adaptogenic herbs. Consumer interest and private sector funding may be needed to bring attention to this neglected area of research.

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