Upper Body Exercises For Weight Loss


Area trained: FULL BODY


From standing, come down onto your hands and jump your feet out into a high plank position.

Jump your feet back towards your hands, then jump up, bringing your knees high mid-air.

Land softly and repeat.


Land and go straight into the next rep for more.




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The one-arm chest press with single-leg iso bridge

Tackle imbalances in the body and boost your core with this challenging move hen two f different moves are combined to make anew one, it’s not just to make
things complicated. Aside from being useful to anyone who’s time poor, the one-arm chest press with single-leg iso bridge (try saying that quickly!) brings together two moves that complement each other perfectly to boost your athletic development. Forcing the arms to work independently of each other iscrucial if you’re struggling with upper-body imbalances or asymmetry – which to be honest, most of us probably are. ‘Another benefit of the unilateral component (one arm working at a time) is that you’ll have to resist against downward, gravitational forces,’ explains strength and conditioning coach, Dan Lawrence. ‘These forces will pull you down into rotation if you are not creating adequate stiffness through your core.’ This aspect turns the move into an anti- rotational core exercise, too.

The benefits don’t stop there, though. Having one leg extended means that it’s not just the core that’s being put through an anti-rotational challenge – it’s
the pelvis, too. This is because the opposing glute has to be engaged throughout the move in order to resist against rotational motion of the pelvis, Dan reveals. ‘This aids rotary stability and builds strength in the glutes,’ he adds. Useful for athletes and gym-goers, but essential for desk workers.



Sitting with your feet flat on the floor and upper back and neck supported on a bench, hold a dumbbell in your right hand by your shoulder, knuckles facing
outwards, and extend your left leg in the air. Squeeze your opposite glute to stabilise the pelvis.

Press the dumbbell up towards the ceiling as you bridge your hips up. squeezing the glute. Try to keep your hips square.

Lower the dumbbell and your body back to the start.

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