Types Of Yoga Breathing

There are two blessings in taking a breath:

To draw the air in, to unload it.

The one exerts pressure, the other refreshes, How wonderfully life is mixed. You thank God, when he presses you, and thank him, when he releases you again.

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Through our basic nature we have a threefold breathing rhythm: Exhaling – Pause – Inhaling. Stressed and rushed people often only have a two-fold breathing rhythm: the reflective breathing pause is missing. With numerous Hatha-Yoga breathing exercises we have a four or five part breathing rhythm with pause afer inhalation or (and) exhalation.

Breathing rhythm (practice)

Seated on a chair listening to the breathing rhythm:

Quietly listen to your breathing rhythm: Is it regular or irregular, quiet or hurried? Is your inhalation phase, your exhalation phase or your breathing pause the longest?

Rocking chair:

We sit in a rocking chair and rock ourselves in it luxuriously. Which rocking movements do you connect with the inhalation, which with the exhalation? According to experience most people inhale on the backward movement and exhale on the forward movement. The pause is then at the front and respectively back turning points. If you do not have a rocking chair you can do the following exercises.

Rocking seated on a chair:

Whilst sitting wide legged on a chair, grasp a knee with both hands and rock slowly backwards and forwards. Exerting a load whilst rocking backwards creates expansion. Always when inner collectedness and expansion come together the breathing is created spontaneously.

Rocking from the squatting position:

If you don’t have a rocking chair you could practice as follows: In the squatting position grasp the knees with one hand each and roll slowly, one vertebra at a time, in a kind of rocking movement whilst lying on the back, and then forwards again etc.

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