Types Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Types Of Exercise During Pregnancy

We are dealing here with that mysterious something which has been called “the refuse of that which earlier was seen,” with that latent energy which hid the lowest vibration of the system before ours, and which was so heavy, and so inert, as to be regarded beyond the ken of the Logos. He was unaware of it, and the object before these peculiar lives which live (and yet are occultly dead) is that they must force themselves into the range of his conscious control by response to those lives which are consciously directed by Him, and who are therefore, the Saviours of the lowest.58

Perhaps this lies behind a prevalent view in those who have developed the Intelligence principle to a large degree but not yet balanced it with Love. This view is that God has abandoned man. Further those who tend towards cynicism in the intelligentsia might add ‘if he ever existed in the first place.’

This is a human-centric position that has some truth, but can equally be balanced by the alternate view that man has abandoned God. And God might add ‘if he ever existed’ as we slip beneath his consciousness!

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The previous solar system was not marked only by failure. The harvest of this system were the five liberated Hierarchies who now function upon the cosmic astral plane. Having mastered the lower five planes of the cosmic physical plane they are now both in a position to help those lives who are currently working there, as well as karmically responsible for the quality of material which is to be found there. The cosmic physical plane has become for them a field of expression, of service and of completion.

In the current system the Logos is developing his Love nature. In the first half of the second or middle system the astral nature is related to the cosmic physical plane through the ‘Shakti’ nature of Agni. In the second half of the system the Logoic astral nature is related to the cosmic mental plane through the action of the ‘Shiva’ nature of Agni.

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