Twist Your Body With Vakr Asana Yoga

Namaskar and David that and welcome to an endeavor cooperate yoga corporate yoga is specially designed for those people who really can’t find dying through any form of exercising this is also known as chair yoga as it is done sitting on your office chair this are simple practices which will help you to reduce the stress. And the effect of the stress that you experience in your corporate world on your body we just require 10 to 15 minutes of your time in office and feel the difference in the energy levels. And the fitness of your body kua Krassin the twist pose to do this pose they’re sitting slightly towards the edge of your chair. So there is enough space between you. And your backrest then you keep both the hands on the left side of your armrests then take the left hand on the top of your backrest.

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And then you twist full you’re using your right hand to pull the right shoulder forward using the left hand to push the left shoulder towards the right side close your eyes. And enjoy the twist, if your backrest is too high. And you can catch slightly down whatever is comfortable for you enjoy this wonderful twist for the back for the neck. And then you feel like coming out open your eyes turn the face bring the hands on the side first. And then back to Center. And now you’re going on the other side again put the hands on the armrests right hand goes on the backrest top and twist eyes closed and maintained so she is using this hand left hand to pull the left shoulder forward. And the right hand to push the right shoulder behind so enjoy this twist we’ll help you to reduce the back pain improve the health of your back muscles your spine you feel like coming out open your eyes turn the face as well as bring both the hands under armrests. And then straighten your back. And just feel the difference in your energy levels.

Utthita Hasta Padangusth Asana Hand to Big Toe Pose Ashtanga Yoga Standing Asana

From semester D inhale right leg up hold big toe with first two fingers of right hand left hand on him right leg straight now exhale chin towards named elbow bending is fine open and naval engage inside inhale look up strengthen body keeping leg extended out exhale right leg out to right side look to left stay 5 to 8 breath here in him leg back to Center while exhale bend forward again inhale hands to hips hold leg extended straight out in front for three to five plant exhale and bringing lik down to semester t now repeat other side this time inhale left leg up hold big toe with the finger of her left hand while exhale fall forward elbow bent keep your right leg straight and breathe long and deal slowly inhale leg back to side stay here 5 to 8 breath keep your breath slow and stirring again leg back to Center exhale fold forward for one breath then inhale hands to him and hold your extended leg here 3 to 5 breath or eyes comfort as possible. And come back to summer study and relax just watch incoming outgoing breath we relax.

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