Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

This pose is the same as the extended side angle pose except that instead of the front leg remaining bent, it is straightened with the hip belonging to the back leg pushed up and out. The arm positions and upper body position are the same, and the head is in the same position, with the visual focus on the hand that is up above the head, but both legs are now straight. You will exhale into this pose during power yoga.

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What green-eyed monster?

Sometimes the reason we can’t get over a breakup is that we keep going over conversations in our heads. We constantly review what we said or he said or she said (or all of the above), made even worse by the ability to see how happy they look on their social media accounts. (Who is that person in their picture?) I thank my lucky stars I am old enough to remember a life without social media.

We may cut ourselves off, then find our fingers drawn to the keyboard, drawing our minds back into drama. If your mind is sounding like a broken record because of an obsessive thought process, it’s time to bring your meditation skills to the table.

Take a patient attitude. If you are forceful and judgmental with yourself, you will feel stuck in the repetitive thought process (and even more stressed out).

As you inhale, invite yourself to be open to a bigger experience than your obsession.

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