Triangle Pose – Trikonasana

Triangle PoseTrikonasana

Main Benefit – Opens the side of the body.

1. Bring your feet to about 1 meter apart (not as wide as the warrior 2 pose).

2. Turn the left toes to face the front of the mat and the back toes about 45 to 90 degrees.

3. Bring both arms up to shoulder height, keep your legs straight and then start to bring your arms and torso to the front of the mat as far as you can go.


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Then simply draw your left arm down onto the left leg, above the ankle a few inches and draw the right arm up to the sky.

5. Keep the chest open. Look to the floor, out to the side or, if the neck is ok try tucking the chin into the right shoulder and look up towards top hand.

6. Keep your legs active by pulling up on the kneecaps. Keep the belly sucked in slightly, steady breathing.

7. Get a sense of pushing the right hip out to the side.

8. Hold for a few breaths and when ready, come out by softening the knees and drawing yourself up.

9. Repeat on the other side.

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