Trail Running Works Your Body In A Less Repetitive Way Than Road

Emma Clayton, member of the Salomon GB Trail Team, answers your questions

I’d like to start running, but pounding pavements doesn’t appeal to me. Can I head straight for the trails?

H’Yes, of course. Starting running on trails is possibly better than pounding the pavements. As well as being mentally uplifting, thanks to the peaceful natural environment, trail running challenges your body in a different way to road running, and helps get you fitter, quicker. Balance is key when trail running and this also helps up your levels of fitness and strength, as every step is different, working different muscles. It also helps reduce the risk of stress-related injuries – common in road runners as they overuse the same muscles and strike the ground in the same way each time.

Running off-road can be more relaxed and feel less like a chore as it’s not so much about the mileage or logging personal bests (unless you’re racing); it’s more about quality over quantity – just enjoying your run.


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Apparently, 60 per cent of road runners would like to trail run but aren’t sure where to start. You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy trail running’s many benefits: most villages, towns and cities offer a network of paths, hills and forest trails. Not sure where to find them? Google maps highlights the main trails in green, or pick up an Ordnance Survey map of your local area. If you have a friend who’s also keen to try trails, why not start together? It’s more enjoyable when you have someone to share the adventure with.

To begin, pick a relatively easy route, then choose longer routes with trickier underfoot terrain. Factor in a few inclines to give you an added physical challenge. This could be hills, steep banks or even a long flight of steps. Then up your speed. Faster toot placement will keep you mentally astute too.

Any good-quality, wicking, seamless running kit is fine to wear, but specific trail-running shoes give extra grip, protection and support.*

As your fitness improves, don’t be afraid to try new routes. Some of my favourite runs have been when I’ve explored new areas. It gives an immense feeling of freedom and achievement. Once you’re hooked, look tor local trail races, then set a target. But most of all, enjoy the great outdoors. You can’t beat it!’

Put some fun into treadmill runs! Attach this little pod to your shoe, download the Zwift app and enjoy virtual-reality runs at the gym. Join groups and follow structured workouts and training plans.

Rain’s no excuse not to go running! These fourway-stretch trousers are windproof and water-repellant on the front to keep out the elements, while mesh knee vents also allow your knees to move freely.

Doing the marathon? Asics’ new, neutral, long-distance shoe could be a good option. With FlyteFoam Propel and FlyteFoam Lyte technology, it helps give you an energetic, light run.

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