Traditional Massages

Traditional Massages

What is ‘African Rhythms Healing Massage’ and how does this differ from traditional massages?

I created a style that acknowledged Africa, the source of my healing. Rhythms and dancing are pivotal to my treatments so ‘African Rhythms Massage’ was an ideal name. How it differs from conventional massage is that firstly, like dancing, it’s fun to give and receive. Secondly I use mainly circular strokes that are powered by the music. Next is that because its enjoyable, I can massage for much longer without fatigue and have done sixty treatments in eleven hours. Finally it is very beautiful to watch and people are intoxicated from my work. African Rhythms Massage is easy to learn and uplifting and relaxing at the same time.

You’re also classed as a ‘Holistic Entertainer’. What does this involve?

I coined that phrase as the best way to describe myself. I don’t think there’s anyone like me in the healing arena offering what I do. And being 6ft 7inches tall, having a huge presence and wearing traditional African attire means that I am noticed. I dance, hug, fan, massage and raise the vibration of the atmosphere around me. whether in person or via social media.

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Why are you also known as ‘Fan Man’?

At parties and events I circumnavigate the venue cooling everyone dancing with my fan. Healing comes in many forms and fanning is the most powerful use of my time in that environment. I also use it to clear stagnant low vibrational energies and replace them with fresh high vibrational energies that flow through me. I have been fanning for longer than I have been massaging and have fanned almost one million people. The ‘Fan Man’ is the friend you never knew you had and is a legend on the dance floor.

How do your ‘Magic Hugs’ work?

Some people are just blessed with an abundance of healing energy such as Amma, who has hugged thirty million people across the world. I also possess the same energy and people will seek me out to receive one of my hugs and sometimes never want to let go!

What’s the theme of your book, ‘Shine Your Light and Touch the World’?

It’s an autobiographical account of my journey as a healer. We are all born with a bright light inside that dims when we use our minds too much. We live in a mind intensive society that influences people to use their heads instead of following their spirits and hearts. Following your intuition is the access to great health, happiness and harnessing and focusing your power. In my book I share my adventures and how I have positively affected people in my life.

How is your mission to be the ‘World’s First Massage Superstar’ planning out?

It was a simple mission to raise the profile of massage by being myself. Calling oneself a ‘Massage Superstar’ takes confidence, so I knew I had to be very good with a unique style that inspired others. Within the year, I got press coverage and was invited onto the BBC where I raised hundreds of pounds for charity. Nearly ten years on I have touched thousands of people, inspired many to follow their spirits, written a book, raised thousands for charities, run workshops, set up my Plantation Healing Retreat and I’m about to start a world tour.

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