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Black cohosh, for example, is a nonestrogenic herb that Tolasana Yoga Pose can be beneficial for menopausal symptoms. Some studies indicate that it may be almost as effective Tolasana Yoga Poseas HRT, and possibly safer. For alternative treatments in menopause Tolasana Yoga Pose , see Chapter 6. Cancer-Related Fatigue, Chemotherapy, Immune Suppression Fatigue is the Tolasana Yoga Pose most common and distressing complaint of cancer patients. A review of 21 studies of CAM treatments in which cancer-related fatigue was one of the outcomes measured, evaluated the available data as promising but limited Sood, Barton, Bauer, & Loprinzi, 2007. A pilot study of acupuncture in 37 patients reported a mean improvement in postchemotherapy fatigue of 31% Vickers, 2004.

In a nonrandomized study of 14 cancer patients, four to five sessions of hypnosis significantly reduced hot flashes and improved fatigue and insomnia Younus, Simpson, Collins, & Wang, 2003. In a retrospective study of 689 women with breast cancer who had been treated with surgery and chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy, 219 women receiving mistletoe in addition to standard therapy had less nausea, gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, and depression compared with 470 women on standard treatment alone Schumacher, Schneider, Reich, Stiefel, Stoll et al.

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