Tibetan Sun Salutation Surya Namaskara

Tibetan Sun Salutation Surya Namaskara

This warm-up is a mini Sun Salutation Pose that gently wakes up the body and mind, coordinating the breath with movement. It is a full body breathing practice and perfect to do first thing in the morning the effects are better than a cup of coffee!

QUALITY Energizing, calming, grounding EFFECT Cleansing, rejuvenation PROPS Blanket GAZE Up and inward

1 Begin in Child’s Yoga Pose Pose. On your next inhale, rise up onto your shins, lifting your hips off yoi heels as you circle your arms above you (A), and look up. As you exhale, hold onto opposite elbows (B), draw your forearms into your belly, and fold over your arms, bowing your head to the earth (C). Empty all your breath out and then rise up while inhaling, circling your arms above you, and exhale to fold forward again.

Repeat 3 times, keeping your breath long, deep, and slow. Then, feel free to pick up the pace to make the motion more dynamic, especially if you need extra energy. Repeat 8 or 9 more times. Make sure to slow it down again before returning to Child’s Yoga Pose.

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