Think You’re Too Busy To Yoga Exercise?

If new stats from Rexona are anything to go by, you’re not alone. The study found that 54 per cent of Australians blame a lack of time for their less-than-stellar activity levels.

In fact, fewer than one in fi ve people clock up 10,000 steps a day, with 59 per cent of us opting to sit in front of a screen rather than move during our downtime. Since exercise is essential for a healthy bod and strong mind, why not sneak some extra sweat sessions in with these easy hacks? You won’t even know you’re working out. Promise.

Think You’re Too Busy To Yoga Exercise? Photo Gallery

HIT THE BEACH: Walking on sand tests your muscles way more than walking on a regular surface and swimming burns serious kilojoules.

TIDY UP: Anyone who says vacuuming is easy isn’t doing it right. Work up a sweat while you clean and you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

BOUNCE AROUND: Got a trampoline? Know someone who does? Jump on it, stat. You’ll clock up some LOLs and tone your pins.

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