Think You’re Less Active Than Everyone Else Your Age?

Uh, if that’s the case you might want to reassess, because you could be putting yourself at risk of a premature death (scary, huh?). Well, according to research published in the journal Health Psychology, people who thought they moved less than their peers were 71 per cent more likely to kick the bucket in the next 20 years than those who believe they’re more active (even if they actually move the same amount).

Think You’re Less Active Than Everyone Else Your Age? Photo Gallery

Apparently, if you think that you’re getting enough physical exercise, you’re more motivated to actually work out. Researchers think it might produce a placebo effect, too, which in turn creates positive physical changes in your bod. In any case, the more you move (or think you move), the better, so consider this your reminder to jump offthe couch.

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