The Yoga Practice


A Sanskrit word derived from the wordyuj, literally meaning “yoke together” or “union. ” The underlying purpose of yoga was to unite the individual self with the Divine.

The correct pronunciation is Yogah.


Pronounced YO-gee, a man who practices yoga.


Pronounced YO-gee-nee, a woman who practices yoga.

The Yoga Practice

The practice of yoga embraces a multiplicity of styles and an astonishing array of diverse techniques, all of which aim to foster holistic harmony. The best way to approach yoga is to find a class. You can read about yoga or watch tapes that can introduce you to yoga, but yoga is like swimming; you have to dive in and do it.

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You can't experience the crawl, the breaststroke, or synchronized breathing until you get wet. The pleasure of floating on your back in a warm pool cannot be experienced in a blog or a photograph; you have to submerge your body. To experience the effects of yoga, you have to breathe, stretch, and focus on quieting your active mind. The Yoga Research Society 341 Fitzwater St.

Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 592-YOGA

The Yoga Research Society holds a yearly conference that brings together authors, researchers, doctors, and others to share knowledgeable perspectives on yoga.

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