The Grounding Breath

This simple breathing exercise is a technique many savvy travelers who don't like to fly use for take-off.

1. Center your attention.

2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Begin by exhaling.

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Inhale, allowing the breath to rise from your belly and fill the chest cavity before the air rises into your lungs. Exhale, taking longer than you did with the inhalation.

3. If you use a mantra, repeat it silently.

The Seated Stretch.

This stretch, good for your back and neck, is a variation on the Seated Chair Stretch illustrated on page 69.

1. Your spine should be erect and stomach muscles tucked in.

2. Stretch your arms straight over your head, palms facing each other. Interlace your fingers, except for the index fingers.

3. The index fingers, which are touching, stretch upward, giving the spine a good stretch. Do not lift your shoulders or roll your head back.

4. This stretch elongates the spine. Don't forget to breathe.


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