Ten Steps to Losing Weight

Spouses This is also another factor that determines the speed of your success. You must have this talk with them, too. “I really want to get this body and I need your help. Please hold me accountable and don’t offer me bad food. Please don’t bring it home, either. If you want it, eat it outside of the house, please.” Or even better, have them buy my other book, Shredded Executive, found at www.LiveShreded365.com and you will both be on the same page. Couples who work as a team accelerate their success. Regardless of what you do or say, it MUST be expressed. Guys are NOT mind readers.

Keep in mind, I have found most husbands aren’t quite ready for change and don’t want to eat better or live the lifestyle. That’s okay; you cannot make them want to. So if this is your man and he’s not ready to step his game up, it’s okay to just do YOU. But make sure you set the expectations and boundaries that you need support and if they are going to go eat shit, they do it somewhere outside of the home. If they want junk, they need to eat it BEFORE coming home. They cannot bring it into the house. This is because these foods are so addictive. If they are in your house, you WILL crave them all day, every day, and having cravings SUCKS.

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One bad day, one day where you’re not feeling your best emotionally, and you’ll be face-deep into whatever crap is in the house. The addiction will find a way to justify it. Make sure you have this conversation with him and let him know. You can literally just use this paragraph below. Cut and paste this, put it in a text or email, or leave him a voice message. All are easy ways to have this conversation without making him defensive or causing an argument. “I really want to look HOT AF and I need your help and support. Can you please not buy junk foods or bring any home? These foods are very addictive and will make me crave, and it will only take one bad day and I’ll be binging uncontrollably and GAINING fat. So can you please support me, help me, and keep this stuff out of the house? I would like for you to join me in this process, but if you aren’t ready, I understand.

Just please don’t bring it into our home.” I’ve found that as YOU get fitter, sexier, and more confident, two things happen. They are inspired and jump on board or they get insecure. Expect one ofthese to occur. They will either jump on board and live the lifestyle, going to the gym with you, helping you with meal prep, and start making positive changes as well. On the other hand, your success might make them insecure and they will start to sabotage you. This is a sign they have very low self-esteem and fear losing you to someone better because they see your progress and confidence radiating.

These guys typically start talking crap about your food, your workouts, offer junk food, or do things to steer you back down to what they feel is their level. That’s a whole book in itself, but here are two tricks to help this problem. First, constantly invite them to be involved, work out, meal prep, and join the lifestyle. Expect them to say no a thousand times. One day, they might start saying yes. Secondly, feed their ego. If you are getting hot and they are feeling insecure, they are obviously feeling so because you are now above them (in their mind). Make sure you positively point out things they are great at, showing appreciation and gratitude. For men, feeling appreciated goes a very long way.

• “Thank you for always working so hard to give us a good life.” • “You are so awesome!” • “Thank you for.” • “You are so handsome.” • “You are so sexy, I’ll be waiting for you naked in the bedroom.” • “You were looking hot today in your suit.” These simple statements can go a long way. Just LOOK for the good he does daily and point it out.

Show him you notice and that you appreciate it. This will keep him feeling assured and confıdent so he doesn’t get insecure and sabotage you. I have found that at some point, pretty much every spouse will get involved and improve themselves, which will improve both of your lives. And your booty gains. And your sex life. Just know that you can’t make them want it. They have to be ready to change and want it for themselves. But until then, keep asking them to join you. It will get them visualizing doing it and one day they just might take you up on it.

Another trick to have them follow me on social media. Buy the digital version of my book at www.LiveShedded365.com and email it to them. Or, buy the hard copy of my book on Amazon and just leave it on the coffee table. Eventually, together we will get them on board and you will both THRIVE. I’m not only teaching you how to get that booty; I’m also helping to improve marriages. While we are on this topic, let me give you some quick marriage stats. The average female gains 27 pounds of fat after marriage. One of the main reasons why men cheat is “because she was hot.” Connect the dots. Most wives get fat and lose self-confidence, self-esteem, become unattractive, are miserable with themselves, which ultimately transfers to their marriage.

He happens to meet a woman who appreciates him, thinks he’s sexy, thinks he’s funny, likes to spend time with him, she’s hot in his eyes (it could be physical attraction or just her intense feminine energy), and boom. He becomes part of the 60% of men who cheat. I’m not condoning it or saying it’s okay. Yes, cheating on your spouse is wrong. I’m just letting you know that by being visually pleasing, confident, sexy, and hot, taking care of your man is highly vital to the health of your relationship. It’s more than just you being hot and sexually attractive. Your health, your energy, your mood, your confidence, and your happiness are directly tied to HOW you look and your health. If you aren’t at your best, your relationship suffers.

The divorce rate in America is over 50% on average. In my area of Orange County, California, it’s 72%! That means 7 out of 10 marriages end in divorce. We will discuss the reasons why below. Along with doing a lot of personal development, reading, and seminars on fitness, business, and nutrition, I also do a lot in MARRIAGE. I train a lot of couples, but I also see a lot of divorces and divorcees. Seventy-two percent in my area, remember? I also see what they all do WRONG. As I mentioned above, the average weight gain of women is 27 pounds after marriage. The number one complaint I get from married men word for-word is, “She’s let herself go. She’s fat. It’s disgusting.” Men are very visual creatures who are mainly attracted to hot, lean women with a booty. Typically, men who aren’t attracted to fit women are gay or are the ones with really low self-esteem.

So if his wife he committed his life to, who was energetic, confident, and sexy gained 27 pounds, how do you think he is going to feel? She’s not going to be as energetic, confident, or sexy anymore. She’s not visually pleasing anymore. How do you think that makes him feel? Yes, he is still going to love you, but I guarantee he resents you and hopes you get it together. He may be guilty of gaining as well, but most women aren’t as visual as guys. This is a BIG deal to most men. Even if he doesn’t say it to your face, he’s thinking it or saying it to others. So if that’s you and you’ve gained weight since you got together, it’s a good thing you’re here! We’re gonna make you a sexy bitch! Another marriage tip while we are here on this topic: PUT YOUR SPOUSE FIRST.

Remember the divorce rates I just mentioned? One of the reasons this is so high is because women are NOT putting their men first, nor are the men putting their women first. But this is about YOU and what YOU can do right now. Most women put the kids first, then their girlfriends, then their spouse last. This destroys a marriage. This is one of the reasons why the divorce rate is so high. I can almost guarantee 99% of you who have kids do this, and your marriage and kids suffer because of it. Your kids should NOT be in first place. Did you hear what I just said? Your kids ARE NOT number one. Contrary to what society says should be first, your husband/spouse should be in that top spot. I know most of you were taught differently and some may disagree with this, but go look at the quality of your relationship. Even if you think it’s okay, it’s not; he’s just not speaking up.

But trust if you are putting him second, third, fourth, or in last place, he resents you for it and your marriage is on its way to the big D or he’s going to get a side chick. That’s a fucking guarantee. If you keep putting your kids and girlfriends before him, he’s going to end up putting his kids and his new girlfriend before you. I’m serious. One of the main reasons divorce is so high is because moms put the kids first and neglect their husband. He’s resentful, feels neglected, feels insignificant and dives into work where he gets his feeling of significance and achievement, because he’s not getting it from you. If You have a husband who works long hours, this could be a sign you’re NOT doing your part as a wife so he’s spending all his time where he feels significant, special, appreciated, and successful.

In turn, this makes the wife resentful of the time he spends away from home. Neither partner gets their needs met by each other, they constantly fight, disagree, and have zero connection. Eventually, they break. I see this ALL THE TIME. I see it all the time with clients and friends. Just like how you are reading this book to learn how to get sexy and get that booty, you need to also find programs that teach you how to have a magical marriage. Marriages take just as much work as running a business. But if you put your spouse first, EVERYONE wins -including the kids! I recommend getting Tony Robbins’ The Ultimate Relationship Program and doing it with your husband. It will completely transform your marriage. Looking hot is useless if your life is in shambles. I want you HOT AF for yourself, your man, and your marriage. Another tip: schedule regular weekly DATE nights. No kids, no friends, just the two of you. Even if you get a hotel room for a few hours to screw, do it. These are life tips for you. I know I went off on a tangent there, but marriage should be your number one priority. Okay, back to the detox. Do that starting right now for 10 full days! After the 10 days, we will move on to the next step.

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