Taylor Swift Weight Loss Diet Secrets

Taylor Swift main principles are: 1 Eat only when you’re hungry and stop before you feel stuffed. Three meals a day plus two snacks, still recommended by many, is utter nonsense and exhausting for your digestive system. Breakfast was really invented by the Victorians and promoted as the most important meal of the day by the food manufacturers. Before that, two meals a day was entirely the norm and metabolically suits us far better. 2 Eat really slowly, chew really well and never eat on the go or standing up.

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3 Leave at least four hours between meals, three hours between your last meal and bedtime and at least 12 hours between your last meal of the day and your first meal the following day. 4 Always think, “Where’s my healthy fat, where’s my fibre, where’s my protein?”. These should constitute the vast majority of your meals. If you really want high-carb foods, such as bread, pasta, rice or potatoes, then have them as 20 per cent of your meal. We’re not designed to eat processed, refined or high-GI foods that disrupt blood sugar.

High blood-sugar triggers damaging inflammation and promotes fat storage and hunger signals.’ Fridge friends ‘I always have homemade dairy kefir, organic Greek yoghurt and a range of salad veg in my fridge, such as watercress, rocket and sprouts. Today I have some broccoli sprouts I made a few days ago; these are probably the most “super” of superfoods. There’ll also be a few good quality cheeses (mature, so low in natural milk sugars), organic (dairy is probably the most important food to always have organic), preferably goat’s or sheep’s and raw; I love Manchego, Comté and Ossau Iraty.

There’s also some Symprove (£158 for three months’ supply; symprove.com), a fabulous liquid probiotic that I take to manage my digestion and keep my immune system strong. In my delivery box, there will be organic, grass-fed butter, fresh mackerel, and an organic chicken.’ Super supplements ‘If I’ve trained hard, I use a curcumin and ginger product called Phyte-Inflam (£29.30 for 60 capsules, cytoplan.co.uk) to help reduce free-radical damage.’

STEPHANIE MOORE Clinical nutritionist of Taylor Swift.

With a degree in nutritional medicine and a masters in counselling and psychotherapy, Moore is head of nutrition at Grayshott Health Spa (grayshottspa.com). She runs nutritional therapy clinics in Surrey and Harley Street, London (health-in-hand.co.uk) and is author of Why Eating Less & Exercising More Makes You Fat! (Health-in-Hand, £8.99).

Taylor Swift’s daily diet

Brunch ‘I am a two-meal-a-day person. I usually eat between 10 and 11am, post-workout and/or dog-walk. Anything goes for this meal: avocado and hard-boiled eggs with tomatoes, rocket and lashings of olive oil, or flax, chia and pumpkin seeds (ground and soaked overnight), berries, homemade organic Greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt with nut or coconut flake sprinkles. I may follow this with a piece of Manchego or Comté, aged, unpasteurised cheese, and some kohlrabi sticks.

Taylor Swift sometimes have a jelly, cream and chocolate milkshake, the jelly made from organic collagen powder and sour cherry concentrate, with added berries and organic, raw Jersey cream. My “milkshake” is made from homemade dairy kefir and raw cacao and maca powder. It’ s delish and incredibly healthy. I’ll then have eggs and veg or some chicken broth.’

Dinner ‘My second meal, at 5 or 6pm, would always follow the principle of a wide range of colourful fibrous vegetables; a few pulses, such as chickpeas or lentils and maybe a little quinoa or buckwheat. I’ll also have lots of good fats and moderate, clean protein – avocado, organic raw goat, sheep or brown cow cheese: these are A2 casein (protein) and easier on digestion than the A1 type found in most cow’s milk. Organic chicken, grass-fed meat and oily fish ar e other protein options. I may have berries or stewed rhubarb and apple, sweetened with xylitol if needed and Greek or coconut yoghurt. I always finish with a square or two of 95 per cent cocoa chocolate.’

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