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Other segments of the Mahabharata linked the final yogic release into various theistic discourses of divine insight or union. Theism was especially predominant in the Bhagavad Gita . Yoga maintained its sense of harnessing, but was informed by monotheistic theology, branded karma-yoga and bhakti-yoga (Malinar 2012).

Once more the yoga discourse,, that we encounter in the Mahabharata in the Kshatriya milieu of mainly amateur yoga sympathisers did not manage to produce a systematically yoga philosophy. Instead we are left with the impression that the yoga discourse had become a wide arena covering all kind of techniques related to diverse metaphysical, supernatural and social

However, two prescription antioxidants, amifostine and dexrazoxane, have Tadasana Yoga Pose been FDA approved and widely used during cancer chemotherapy and/or radiation. Cancer cells are Tadasana Yoga Pose different from normal cells and they are affected differently by antioxidants. Simone and colleagues 2007b suggest that, Cancer cells accumulate excessive amounts of antioxidants due to a loss of the homeostasis control mechanisms for the uptake of these nutrients p. 46. The presence of excess antioxidants can shut down the cellular oxidative reactions necessary for energy production. In addition, in cancer cells, antioxidants have been shown to affect gene expression, inhibit cell growth, and increase cell apoptosis. Cancer patients often suffer from malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, immunosupression, cardiac damage, and/or liver dysfunction due to the toxic effects of standard cancer treatments. Vitamins and nutrients can improve nutritional and immune status, protect vital organs, and reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer therapies.

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